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Tipsy In Buffalo Clogs

After Mirjana has treated herself to the odd drink at the hotel bar, she returns to her hotel room inebriated. Mirjana wears her white Buffalo clogs and her new favourite trousers. The bell-bottoms consist of a shiny Lycra rubber mixture and cut narrowly along her thighs while exhibiting her feet well. The new trousers fit Mirjanas Buffalos bombastically. Mirjana has also taken along a bottle of champagne from the bar. Mirjana tells stories, of course, she drinks her champagne and keeps playing with her Buffalos. At first, she has socks on but later she puts her naked feet into the Buffs. It is simply wonderful to look at. It is a must for every Buffalo friend and Foot Lover!

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I want you to smell my socks. You get my stinky socks in your face while I laugh about you loser. Good that I’ve worn this socks for a long time. The more they smell the more time you need to sniff it all. In the end you get both of my socks in your mouth. That’s all you deserve, sock face!

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