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School Sports

The ladies have a sports lesson. Therefore they take on their sports shoes. But because they don´t like sports, they convince the teacher to end the lesson very soon. But then they see something in the dressingroom…

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Brutally trampling of a slave under high heels

Once again it’s time for a trampling session and i’ve handcuffed my slave in front of the fireplace when i step on his body wearing my sexy buckskin high heels. He screams in pain when the sharp heels penetrate his skin but it’s to much fun looking at his face contorted with pain to stop. Finally i show him some mercy and take the shoes off – but nevertheless this is going to be painful for him. I trample his throat and face now under my feet as well!

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Lick Layla’s and Jane’s dirty socks clean!

After three hours of sport the girls socks are totally drained in sweat. And now they want to relax a little bit. They decide to make it themselves more comfortable on the couch. But before it will become really nice you have to come a little bit closer and take care of their feet. What do you think? Do their feet smell nice? Can you smell the whole sweat? Hey, don’t look at their hot bodies, just take care of their feet now! Lick off the whole sweat until their socks are clean again! No back talk!

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Smelling 8 feet

Richie and Bobby have to submit to the 4 young dominant ladies Edina, Zina, Jacqueline and Saphira as feetslaves. The two have to put themselves on the ground with the heads to the boots of four. And then it already comes towards her, too: Hers pull themselves out to boots and the 4 hungarian gipsies order the two boys to smell her naked feet. The smell of their feet is pressing for them into the nose from all sides. It is like a smog around them, like a foot cheese bell. Richie and Bobby have to state this it does not add one single foot which does not smell intensive. This concentrated foot smell between pasty flavor and rubber smell of cheap shoes comes like a general anesthetic about them.

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