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Little workout on my slave

Today I’m doing a little workout on my slave. I’m wearing my gym sneakers and start with trampling his chest and stomach. But soon I step on his face with my full weight as well. The tread of the shoes leaves red patterns all over his skin and he’s obviously in quite some pain. But that’s not my problem :-)

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Long shoe, socks and feet worship

My slave is lying in front of the club chair I’m sitting on and worships my sport shoes. I push them deep into his mouth and force him to clean the dirty soles of my shoes. After a while I take them off and make him smell the inside of the shoes before he has to smell my socks and gets them pushed into his mouth. Finally after he worshipped the socks he’s allowed to clean my bare feet with his tongue.

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Marshmallow crushing

Mistress Samira and Lady Saskia are crushing a chocolate marshmallow. Mistress Samira is wearing her famous white Buffalo-Plateau-Sneakers and Saskia her white Over-Knee-Boots. Both girls have after it dirty shoes from the choclate – perfect to lick it clean! They talk about their laughable-slave, you!!

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School Sports

The ladies have a sports lesson. Therefore they take on their sports shoes. But because they don´t like sports, they convince the teacher to end the lesson very soon. But then they see something in the dressingroom…

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Brutally trampling of a slave under high heels

Once again it’s time for a trampling session and i’ve handcuffed my slave in front of the fireplace when i step on his body wearing my sexy buckskin high heels. He screams in pain when the sharp heels penetrate his skin but it’s to much fun looking at his face contorted with pain to stop. Finally i show him some mercy and take the shoes off – but nevertheless this is going to be painful for him. I trample his throat and face now under my feet as well!

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