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Your day starts with my latina feet

What a wonderful day! You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to start the day with spoiling my sexy feet! Come very close to my Latin feet. Smell the odor of my feet – kiss them – and worship them! They are even more gorgeous bare feet, aren’t they…? I will show you exactly the spot you are allowed to kiss – so don’t waste any more time and start spoiling them now!

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Plateau Crush

Mistress Samira crushes a ruspberry pie with her dominant white Buffalo Plateau Boots. The pie has no chance and get smashed under the dirty deep tread. The crushed cookie stick under the shoes and you could pie clean and eat it from there, if she allows it to you!

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Lick my shoes and smell my socks and feet!

What a nice day! I should drive around the city with my brand new car after this hard working day! Ah, there’s my little feetlover! I got a special to-do-list for him! Keep my door open is his first service! Well, I bet he wants to lick my shoes clean before my car gets dirty! Yeah, lick them! Mh…very sandy, huh? I got something much better for you to do now! What about my sweaty socks? Yeah, directly under your nose with them! Haha! Put them off and lick my bare feet! Get a move on!

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Tortured with stinky sweaty feet after jogging

I return from a lengthy run and the slave’s waiting for me at the car. I sit down on the driver’s seat and make him lick the dirty soles of my running shoes clean for starters. Then I take the first shoe off and immediately press it on his nose – followed by my sweat-soaked sock! After smelling the second stinky shoe and sock I order him to lick all the foot sweat off my feet! He’s clearly disgusted, but he won’t be allowed to stop until he licked every square inch of my sweaty feet!

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