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Jenny and Mary in your face

On your knees slave, where you belong! Now come closer and lick our boots clean first! Then we take them off, so you can sniff our stinky nylon feet. We just came back from a long dancing night at the club. Now we wanna get rid of the sweaty footstink, so sniff it off fucker! After that we’re gonna take off our nylons and socks so that you can sniff out all the stinky smell between our toes and after that lick our sweaty soles clean. Eat all the little fuzzys in between the toes looser!

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Smelling sweaty feet

Paris and Lea order Oskar to smell her sweaty feet. When he knees in front of the two young girls advance hers to him contrary to gym shoe and order him to sniff only at the rubber shoes only. After Oskar sniffs at their casual shoes reluctantly they tell this to him them his shoes shall take off and their sweaty naked feet to this then hold he smells to. Oskar already blows of far the smell of used rubber and contrary to a pasty salty foot flavour. He then absorbs the smell of their stickily soaked in sweat feet as a vacuum cleaner directly from the gym shoes with the nose.

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