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I like to practice with my slave

Today I like to do some workout. Some walking practice is exactly what I need to start! And to avoid that my slave feels boring I use him for my training too. He lies in front of me on the ground and a big stool is standing near to him. At first I walk above his stomach to reach the stool. Then I move back again and repeat this some times. But to train some other muscles too I jump off the stool with full power on his stomach! And to train my balance too I stand on his body with one leg in the air. But the face of the slave needs some patience too. So I walk at his head and sit down on him with my sexy ass at the end. That’s a nice position to relax – and it was a nice workout session too!

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Lick my boots clean again, slave!

I wear a pair of hot brown boots. And I like to show them to my slave… I already sit on the couch and the slave knees in front of me. And without losing more time he has to start licking my boots clean again! At first he licks the upper part of my boots. But then he has to lick the soles too. And of course he has to suck the heels also…! My girlfriend behind the cam comments the action the whole time and humiliates the slave even further… Although the boot licking is bad enough, that’s not the end… He also has to take off my boots and socks. And then starts to lick my sweaty feet! The slave seems to be very unhappy… But I like it even more… So my girlfriend behind the cam…!

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Amelia and Alida trampling and spitting a slave

My girlfriend and I just come home from a long night at disco and got our selves a slave on the way back for some special fun. We were both cheated by our boyfriends lately and now we’re gonna take our revenge at you men. The only thing they get in future is our disgusting spit in their fuckin mouths, dirty boots in their ugly slavefaces and full weight on their bodys. But we start soft here now for the first time, that we don’t break this guy right away and so we can have some more fun with him.

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New slave tested brutally

The girls new slave has his first day. The slave’s hands are bound behind his back when the girls start off. He has to worship Jane’s sexy black boots and Layla’s sneakers before they start to trample him. They make him wear a ridiculous pig mask and close his eyes with ducttape so he doesn’t know what’s coming and can’t prepare hisself. The girls trample his body and head under their shoes and are quite happy with their new slave in the end.

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Little workout on my slave

Today I’m doing a little workout on my slave. I’m wearing my gym sneakers and start with trampling his chest and stomach. But soon I step on his face with my full weight as well. The tread of the shoes leaves red patterns all over his skin and he’s obviously in quite some pain. But that’s not my problem :-)

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