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Croissants crushed in nylons

I brought 2 croissants for you … but you won’t get them just yet! First I’ll put them into my nylon socks and walk around on them, in my shoes, the whole day! Bad luck for you that my feet always start sweating in nylons – but I guess you’ll gladly take whatever I decide to give you 😉 I took off my shoes after a few hours to show you what’s left of the croissants – but they need to “ripen” a few more hours. When I’m back home and take off my shoes they’re basically flat like a piece of paper – and soaked with my foot sweat. I pour them out of the nylon socks and rub my sweaty feet on them a little longer. Then I put them on a plate and spit on them – now your dinner is ready.

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Sweaty Feet

Nicole removes her shoes. It’s one of the hottest day of the year and you can see and smell her sweaty toes. When taking a walk, she meets a little crococile which meets its destiny under her soft soles.

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